Build HTML5 mini site integrated with wechat

lenovo-X1-mini-site H5 mini site can be used for various scenarios like promotion campaign, event RSVP, product voucher, collect social fans, … With HTML5 interactive pages, web designers can turn creative ideas into customer interactions for your brand. The H5 mini site can be created with web animations, mobile shaking trigger, user picture upload, interactive forms, vote and social login features. Moreover, with built-in user data analysis, brand owner can track user conversions and interactions in real-time.

Responsive Site Development

responsive-web-design Content is like water, it flow. Benefits of adopting responsive web design: One time cost, all devices support. Better mobile-friendly score on search engines. Seamless display on mobile apps, e.g. wechat, facebook. Better extensibility of mobile app. If installed with web service api, can be used as query base for hybrid app (android and iOS).

Wechat Moments Ads

wechat ads Wechat Moments Ads is original-content-like ads seemlessly displayed in user’s friends moments, it is based on wechat public ecosystem. Nowadays, wechat covers over 600 millions active users. Wechat moments advertisements provide a unique and fashion social advertising platform.

Aliyun cloud server ECS

aliyun-en Aliyun Cloud server ECS is a computing service with flexible processing capacity. Its management is much simpler and more efficient than physical server management. No need to purchase in advance, you can create instance, expand disk, or release any number of cloud server instance at any time based on your business needs.

Automatic Advertising with Tencent Wide-Point

user_profile_lookalike What is Tencent wide-point? Tecent Wide-point is an effect advertising system launched by Tencent Inc. It is called now QQ Social Ads, with official site url It is a leading performance advertising platform based on high-quality traffic resources of Tencent, and it provides owners with cross-platform automatic advertising services. It uses Tencent large data…
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